Functional Restoration Program

At Ubylee Pain & Injury Treatment Center, our Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is individually customized to the individual needs of each patient living with chronic pain and injury, while integrating a biopsychosocial approach to functional restoration.

targeted treatment goals include:

  • Increase Patient’s Overall Function
  • Manage/Reduce Medication Schedules
  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase Activities of Daily Living
  • Development of Coping Skills to Manage Pain and Anxiety
  • Return to Work

Getting Your Evaluation

Prior to attending the Functional Restoration Program, each patient completes a thorough evaluation process that includes a comprehensive medical evaluation, a psychological evaluation, and a physical and occupational therapy evaluation and a vocational rehabilitation evaluation. If a patient is not appropriate for the Functional Restoration Program, a treatment plan will be designed to better address that patient’s pain and injury issues.

Ubylee’s multidisciplinary mixed-team of professionals will conduct and coordinate meetings, open to Nurse Case Managers, to discuss the patient’s progress and review weekly comprehensive reports. At the program’s completion, the patient will be provided with a customized exercise program to be performed on a regular basis, at home, with follow-up at one and three months intervals post-discharge monitored by our mixed provider team.

Certificates of Completion

“Certificates of Completion” are awarded all patients at the successful conclusion of their Ubylee Functional Restoration Program.