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Medical Legal Services Offered:

Independent Medical Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Restoration Program

Ubylee Healthcare Group is pleased to offer a variety of legal-support services to the injured worker and counsel of record. More attorneys and legal firms representing injured workers are trusting Ubylee with evaluation and management of their client’s injury and medical-legal evaluation. Relying upon Ubylee’s long tenured experience in assessment of the injured worker and professional recommendations addressing treatment options, disability ratings, maximal medical improvement and tailored functional recovery programs, attorneys gain valuable access to established medical experts examining their client’s medical condition and work-related injury.

Ubylee Independent Medical Evaluations are quickly scheduled, with reports generating in 48 hours, focusing on causation, disability and forward-looking recovery options. Often, an IME can focus case attributes and is considered one of the more important evidence-based pieces involving a work injury.

Ubylee Independent Medical Evaluations
    • Dedicated onsite staff to assist with referrals and records
    • Referral submission (fax, phone, email)
    • Reports generated within 48 hours of evaluation
    • Patient appointment scheduling confirmation
    • No show notification
    • Cover letter template to expedite physician questions
Ubylee OccuPro Software Benefits
    • Considered the best and easiest-to-read reports on the market
    • Can easily perform workers’ compensation disability and personal injury FCEs
    • The latest FCE research is incorporated into testing so you know your findings will stand up to legal scrutiny

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