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Ubylee Max Vaxx Project has developed and implemented COVID-19 related services at our new 8000 square foot service center in located in Matthews, North Carolina, responding rapidly to the national COVID-19 Pandemic that is ravaging the United States and Globe. Bringing together a comprehensive list of exceptional providers and the ability to move quickly to develop real-time, on-the-ground, solutions to COVID-19 testing and vaccination, the Ubylee Max Vaxx Project was developed to test and vaccinate large numbers of people quickly.

Utilizing process driven procedures, from start to finish, Ubylee Max Vaxx can simultaneously test, screen, register, sort, prioritize, and vaccinate large numbers of patients while maintaining real-time data recording in a HIPPA compliant cloud based system. Ubylee Max Vaxx offers a variety of services directly to patients, business and industry acting as a end-point provider of COVID-19 testing and vaccination. Business and industry will find a welcomed and informed resource partner with respect to the impact COVID-19 is having on their employee staff and operations. Pulling together large scale patient and advisory services under one roof means getting what you need quickly and efficiently.


Ubylee Max Vaxx offers full testing services at multiple site locations by appointment and drop in. Private and confidential rapid testing and conformational PCR testing is available with results in as little as three hours for rapid tests and three days for conformational tests. All testing results are strictly confidential and maintained in a HIPPA compliment format. Businesses or industry may elect to have testing done at their place of business for large groups of employees and staff as a convenience.

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