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How to Find the Best Physical Therapy Near Me

Physical therapy is a necessary tool for post-op recovery and different types of injuries, but it can be expensive. Because it is essential to help you recover the strength and quality of life that you once had, it is imperative that you find the right professional. If you are asking, “How do I find the best physical therapy near me?” it involves more than just Googling the first one that comes up. Since not all physical therapists are the same, you will want to choose the right one to get you back on your feet!

1. Ask your surgeon or doctor for a referral

Who knows better about the reputation of physical therapists in your area than your surgeon or doctor? Finding one with a good reputation and a proven record is vital. So, ask your physician for a recommendation before you go blindly searching.

2. Check with your Insurance

To make sure that your insurance covers the physical therapist that you use, it is a good idea to call your insurance carrier to find out who is in your network. Although you can probably go to your health insurance’s website to get a list, those lists aren’t always updated frequently. And since providers come and go often, calling directly for an updated list will probably save you time.

3. Read Online Reviews

One of the best sources for learning about the reputation of a provider is to read reviews from both current and former clients. To find out about a physical therapist’s personality, how well they work with their patients, and their overall effectiveness, read online reviews from their patients.

4. Ask Friends and Family

Since word of mouth is important to help you find a health professional in your area, put some feelers out to friends and family to see if anyone has either used a physical therapist in the past or if they have heard anything about those in your area.

Getting a good recommendation from someone close to you is always a comforting feeling. Unlike an online review, which can sometimes be nothing more than paid advertising, people you know are much more reliable.

5. Look for Experience, Associations and Accolades

Physical therapy isn’t a one-and-done proposition for its providers. Since the world of rehabilitation continues to grow, new research about therapy and tools continues to develop.

Find a physical therapist near you who has accolades, ample experience, and look for those who belong to prestigious associations. They are most likely going to have the best knowledge about how to get you up and on your feet again.

6. Look for specialties

Just like most physicians, physical therapists will often specialize in a specific body part. If you have hand injury, look for a professional who has extensive knowledge in the hands. If it’s your knee, the same applies. To get the best of the best, find someone who focuses on your particular body part or your injury.

If you are asking “how do I find the best physical therapy near me,” it might take more than just a generic Google search. To find the best professional to get you back to your routine, do your research, ask for referrals, and check with your insurance so that it is more affordable.

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